We can profit everything from the ham, except the hoof. Normally, the external fat of whole iberian bellota and serrano hams and shoulders is used in to avoid the cut of the ham to overdry. Otherwise, this is not the only way we can use the external fat ham.
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The expression “Designation or Origin” is a certification may be given to hams and other products, such ham, cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and many other products. This certification is given to certain products meeting a set of conditions, has been manufactured in a certain area of Spain.
Sometimes, it is normal to think that iberico Bellota hams are coming from pigs that have only been fed with acorns. It is true in those iberian bellota pigs, acorns are the most important part of their feeding, but they are not the only part of their food.
Slice a whole pata negra ham is something about practicing and slicing many hams until making the perfect cut. In order to correctly make the cut and make the most of our piece of ham and shoulder, we have to take into account the following questions:
The expression “pata negra” referring to hams is very commonly-used. Most of the times it is only referred to whole iberian Bellota hams. It actually refers to iberian hams, but this expression sometimes is not used correctly.
The ham around the bone is considered the most tasty, but it is hard to make a good profit of it. Here there are some interesting suggestions for cooking lover and foodies loving spanish iberico and serrano hams.
At the time to buy a ham holder, it is very common to feel confused due to the baste variety of types and prices. Which is the perfect ham holder for you? Below there are the key elements to consider when buying ham holders.
Iberian breed porc is a kind of pig which is native from the Iberian Peninsula, in both Spain and Portugal. This is the kind of pig from which iberico hams came from. In order to regulate the products coming from iberian pigs, there is the Iberico ham quality standard (Normativa de calidad del jamón ibérico) which regulates either feed of the pigs and percentage of iberian breed they should have.
Both ibérico and serrano hams have 5 parts which are very defined and the kind of meat may vary among them. Each part provides different kind of slices and curing degrees. This information may be very practical at the time to place whole pieces into the ham holder or choosing boneless hams sold in parts and making a better profit of them.
Spanish ibérico bellota ham is one of the healthiest foods in mediterranean diet. Indeed, its consumption everyday is considered to be good for our health as its nutritional values and properties are very complete. 
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At the time to buy whole iberico or serrano pieces, there is always a question coming out to our minds: Which is the best for me, ham or shoulder? What should I buy? Which are the differences between them? Don’t be worried anymore, here we explain their differences: