Do you know you can have the Best Extremadura Ham in Hong Kong?

Extremadura Ham is the most famous of the Iberian hams, and the Dehesa de Extremadura Denomination of Origin is recognized worldwide for its high standards and controls over its final product. 

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During breeding, technicians visit the Iberian pigs on different occasions to ensure that they meet the conditions set by the Denomination of Origin. The animals will be raised in freedom in the pasture, and will be fed exclusively on acorns

Traceability can be guaranteed and the parameters will always be met in accordance with tradition and craftsmanship, during all stages of curing: profiling, salting, drying and aging in the cellar

Once the curing process is completed, the quality will continue to be checked, and only those hams with the perfect aroma will be certified with the Extremadura Denomination of Origin. 

Extremadura Iberian Hams only classify Iberian pigs 100% or at least 75%, that is why if you try an Iberian Ham with DO Extremadura, you will be tasting an Iberian, very Iberian. 

Do not stay with the desire to bring all the purity of Extremadura Hams to Hong Kong.