How can we profit the external fat of the whole ham?

We can profit everything from the ham, except the hoof. Normally, the external fat of whole iberian bellota and serrano hams and shoulders is used in to avoid the cut of the ham to overdry. Otherwise, this is not the only way we can use the external fat ham. 

how profit external fat whole ham

Why do we use external fat to avoid overdrying the cut?

The main reason to do it is to avoid the direct contact with the air. This may make the piece over drying and wasting more ham than expected. It is recommended to cover the cut with fat as the ham will breath, keeping its juiciness and avoiding lint from kitchen towels.

Other possible uses for the ham external fat

May external fat have more uses, but the most popular uses are the following: flavour enhancer and to make pork rinds as appetizer. Both ways are very easy to prepare.

How to prepare the flavour enhancer?

You should cook it at very low heat until it melts and then placing the fat melted in the fridge, inside a tupper or any recipient similar.

How to prepare pork rinds?

You should cut the pork skin in little pieces and fry them with olive oil. You should fry them with a lot of olive oil until they inflate and the fat will be dissolved.