04 sep, 2020

What does "pata negra ham" actually means?

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The expression “pata negra” referring to hams is very commonly-used. Most of the times it is only referred to whole iberian Bellota hams. It actually refers to iberian hams, but this expression sometimes is not used correctly.

what does pata negra ham mean

What is the “pata negra” expression referred to?

When we talk about pata negra hams and shoulders, popularly it is referred to iberian hams. Actually, when we use this expression we are referring to 100% ibérico Bellota hams. The expression in english means black hoof. This expression is used to refer this short of hams and shoulders because, generally, hams and shoulders coming from 100% pure iberian pigs have the hoof of black color.

All the hams with the black hoof are “pata negra”?

The answer is not. Generally, the baste majority of pure iberian hams hoof are of black color, but their colour may also be dark brown or brown color. The most important thing regarding this expression is the purity of iberian breed of the pig.