12 ago, 2021

How are iberian Bellota pigs fed?

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Sometimes, it is normal to think that iberico Bellota hams are coming from pigs that have only been fed with acorns. It is true in those iberian bellota pigs, acorns are the most important part of their feeding, but they are not the only part of their food.

how are iberian bellota pigs fed ham

Which feeds are used to fed Iberian Bellota pigs?

As its name says, the main feed used for feeding those pigs are acorns. This is the reason why hams have such a fruity flavour. Otherwise, those pigs are also fed with natural pastures. In these pastures are included herbs, flowers and other natural resources pigs may find in the pastures. They find these resources during their fattening season, until they get the minimal weight to be slaughtered.

Are there other factors affecting Iberico ham’s quality?

The answer is yes, there are other factors affecting the quality. It is the amount of kilometers they walk each day. It is important because it contributes the fat to infiltrate into the muscle mass, which makes the ham to be more juicy.