07 ene, 2020

Basic features for choosing your perfect ham holder

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At the time to buy a ham holder, it is very common to feel confused due to the baste variety of types and prices. Which is the perfect ham holder for you? Below there are the key elements to consider when buying ham holders.

Space available to use it

While we are slicing our piece of ham, it is very important to place the ham holder anywhere spacious. This will prevent us from injuring because the knife has skid while slicing or we will be able to place a bigger and heavier ham holder, which provides stability and versatility of use.

How much will you be using it

The frequency of use for the ham holder may be a key element to choose the sort of stand perfect for us and the budget to spend on it. If you will be using it for professional use or you will be using it at home oftenly the features to take into account are way different from those to be taken into account if you are using it once in a year.

For which sort of pieces will you use it (hams, shoulders or both)

The ideal thing is to choose a ham holder available for pieces of any size. Theoretically, this will depend on it weigh and size, but the reality is we try to adapt our choice to a settled budget.

We wish you to find those guidelines useful for choosing it and don’t hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

See you soon!